when a Water Engineer and  IoT engineer combine knowledge end product is amazing!!!!That is why Water Design Engineering is an independent design and project management consultancy. We manifested from the idea that clients prefer to deal with consultants, not contractors or salesmen who are technologically biased and profit-driven. #water #engineering #projectmanagement #contractors #consultants #iot #design #engineer

Remote Work

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A reliable and highly experienced Freelancer with expertise in Water Products Technical sales, Customer service, social media, and brand messaging, I am certain you will find my skills and talents to be of value. With this in mind, I invite you to consider the enclosed resume detailing my experience and credentials as you look to fill online technical sales support remote work.
From consulting with clients and developing initial ideas and concepts to managing projects and coordinating with cross-functional team members, my experience has prepared me to excel in this freelance capacity with media. With my impressive professional achievements in content writing design and marketing, my additional strengths in business development, project scheduling, and superior client service position me to thrive in this challenging and creative position.
Highlights of my background include…
• More than 3 years of excellent freelancing experience supporting a range of clients in visual identity/branding, social media consulting, marketing communications, copywriting, and editing.
• Consulting with and managing special projects from inception through execution for global and emerging brands across diverse water and sanitation industries.
• Managing my own successful business for more than a decade, encompassing portfolio development, prospecting, personal finance management, networking, time management, and effective communication and self-marketing strategies.
• Earning consistently feedback from clients, resulting in extremely high levels of repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.
• Utilizing excellent organizational, problem solving, and interpersonal skills to propel client projects to peak results.
With my comprehensive experience in marketing support, coupled with my enthusiasm and dedication to helping clients achieve success, I believe I could swiftly surpass your expectations for this role. I look forward to discussing your needs and what I can offer in further detail.
Thank you for your consideration.

#Prepaid water Meters has helped alot Reduction of non-revenue water to near less than 10% (average in Kenya is 40% in urban areas and about 70% in rural areas……..#Water meters are often judged on average use, while there have been countless reports of misread meters which can lead to high costs and time wasted sorting out bills.#nonrevenuewatermanagement